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Transforming Youth and Secondary Education in Africa!

By 2030, we aspire to reach 1 million students in Africa!

In Just Three Seconds

Imagine a world where the next generation of leaders in our secondary schools has access to leadership and skills-based education in their classrooms. They are well equipped, inspired, and transformed. Each one of them decides to be the problem solver. They become the change we want to see and the leaders we wish we had in Africa..

We Are On A Mission

To bring leadership and skills-based education to students in secondary schools.

We Envision

A world where thousands of secondary school students are equipped with leadership values and skills and measurably impacted across Africa each year.

Our Purpose

Develop the good leaders we wish we had in Africa.


FAME addresses the learning crisis by collaborating with young people, schools, and governments to create and implement education solutions. These solutions aim to empower Nigerian youth with the necessary skills and values to lead, overcome gender inequalities, excel in school, drive positive change in their communities, and succeed in life.

Our Impact

Low-Cost, High-Impact

In over half a decade, we have been able to deepen our impact and expand our reach with your support.

Students measurably impacted

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Students broadly impacted

The Problem

With over half a decade of experience, we have identified five areas in which Nigeria and the African Continent, suffer and which we try to tackle through our work;

1. Identity and Quality of Learning Crisis
Students in secondary schools struggle with an identity crisis. While enrollment in secondary education has significantly increased, being in school isn’t the same thing as learning what they need to thrive in an increasingly demanding and uncertain job world.

2. Cultural Approach to Leadership
Leadership is mostly seen as occupying a position.

3. Mass Ignorance of the Citizens
Most citizens can’t recognize or distinguish between bad, good, better, and the best leaders.

4. Absence of Leadership Education in the Secondary School Curriculum
There is an absence of mass education on leadership and skills-based learning. Most secondary school students go through secondary school without ever learning or experiencing any form of leadership education or skills training. These factors lead to a dearth of leadership and significant unfulfilled impact potential amongst youth and in society as a whole.

5. Absence of Passionate, and Well-Motivated Quality Teachers
There is quite a large number of teachers who feel disengaged from a profession that once so inspired them due to the lack of recognition of their existing efforts and opportunities to learn innovative techniques to inspire and educate their students. The absence of quality teachers further exacerbates the continent’s learning crisis.

Our Solution

School Solutions

Leadership development and skills training implemented directly in schools

Youth Engagement Solutions

Positive youth engagement, activation, and work readiness skills for the world of work through community service

Education System Solutions

Partnership with governments to support the integration of evidenced-based values and skills education into state and national education systems

What Makes FAME Different

FAME reaches a large number of students every year at a low cost by delivering our model using existing school infrastructures and engaging passionate youths and teachers as facilitators. We leverage technology to cost-effectively train, manage, and monitor our programmes. We have mastered how to create impact while keeping costs remarkably low.

Our model is designed to scale: built on best scaling practices and continual self-evaluation. We are now one of the largest youth skills providers in Nigeria. FAME’s long-term vision is to integrate core components of our curriculum into the State and National curricula which will measurably impact millions of students across Nigeria.

We prioritize the delivery of our programmes and the transformation of our participants. Our Board, Members, and volunteers support our operating costs so 80% of your gift can fund leadership education. It’s not always easy, but it’s an approach we believe in deeply.

You Can Make a Difference in Their Lives

Would you consider partnering with us financially to help us take our transformational leadership and skills-based learning to more underserved secondary schools across Nigeria?

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FAME has consistently provided leadership education in nearly 200 secondary schools in over half a decade

What Social Sector Leaders Say

Read Their Testimonials
Debola Deji-Kurunmi
Executive Director, Ideation Hub Africa

“Brilliance! Sheer Brilliance!
Exceptional work the Fashioned and Made for Excellence team is doing! I totally love the energy and the way they go about creating tomorrow, today. They understand what the emerging generation needs and how to deliver it.”

What Youth Mentors Say

Read Their Testimonials
Imam Bamgbopa
Volunteer Facilitator

“First, I connected with the founder, Raphael Stephen at a networking event and from there our discussion began. Thereafter, I fell in love with the FAME Foundation being an advocate of change myself. The Fame Global Leadership Program intrigued me the most! Their approach was top notch and it was an absolute pleasure facilitating and inspiring deserving secondary school students. FAME is the best!!!”

Stephanie Shaba
Volunteer Facilitator

“The FAME Foundation is one with a vision that not only captures your attention but compels you to believe in it and run with it. The structuring, organization, and leadership style coated with love, respect, and empathy is one that never ceases to amaze me. I do believe that businesses, NGOs, and the likes need to come and learn from FAME; proper structuring, organization, and genuine leadership. It was an absolute pleasure facilitating under FAME for the FAME Global Leadership Program 2020. I caught the vision, now I can only run with it.”

What Teachers Say

Read Their Testimonials
Samuel Adio
Teacher Leader

“The programme had a huge impact on me and helped me unleash the potentials I have been hiding inside me. I really enjoyed the teachers’ training. All schools in Nigeria need to experience this wonderful programme.”

Christianah Aderibigbe
Teacher Leader

“The curriculum was so interactive and engaging. I learned so much while facilitating, and my students enjoyed the leadership stories. I could see immediate changes in their mindset from the first lesson. I look forward to mentoring the next cohort.”

Kazeem Oluokun
Teacher Leader

“The leadership programme is so relevant and I wish our curriculum planners would make it a school subject in our curriculum so that more students can benefit from the robust curriculum. I learned so much and my students really enjoyed the programme.”

What Humans Of FAME Say

Read Their Testimonials
Aanuoluwapo Akintayo

“FAME has challenged my growth as an individual. My journey with FAME has helped me reduce drastically the numbers of “I don’t think I can do this” and increased my “I believe I can do this”, it has replaced my “I am not good at this” with “I am getting better at this”. FAME has sharpened my eyes to see POSSIBILITIES even when situations are sweetly dressed in impossibilities. I have seen the power of FAITH drive this mission.”

Felicia Olaopa

“I volunteered at the FAME Global Leadership Programme. First, it was the vision of the organization that drew me to volunteer but I came into a more exciting and fulfilling experience than I thought. FAME is indeed making an impact, raising change-makers and wholesome leaders. The impact is not just in the lives of the participants but also in the lives of the volunteers. The training of trainers was so excellent, and the whole experience equipped me to be a better leader. I also love how FAME regards and values its volunteers, the organization is indeed a model of great leadership. I not only gave by volunteering, but FAME also gave much more by helping me and others to be better and more impactful in whatsoever sphere I find myself in.”

Access To Quality Education Changed The Life Of Covenant

Covenant learned about what leadership really is and the importance of taking personal responsibility through our transformational leadership program five years ago. Three years later he went back to his alma mater to facilitate our leadership programme. Now more students have recognized they have opportunities to lead and succeed, starting with leading themselves.

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Our Partners

A good partnership is better than doing it alone.

What Our Partners Say

Read Their Testimonials
Dr. Chukwuka Onyekwena
Executive Director, CSEA

“Throughout the project, FAME behaved with professionalism and brought expertise in the subject matter. Their trainers motivated the NYSC Corpers well, and their materials such as their leadership workbook for senior secondary school students were extremely popular. We enjoyed collaborating with the FAME team and would do so again in the future.”

Tolu Adeniyi
Regional Operations Director, Airtel Nigeria

“The FAME foundation is doing great work with young people in secondary schools, raising great leaders intentionally. It was a great experience working with the highly professional FAME team, and interacting with the beneficiaries at their leadership summit.”


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Help more students from low-income families get quality education

Thousands of students have been completely transformed, but millions more are still waiting for their chance to access leadership and skills-based education. We are uniquely positioned to reach thousands of students yearly. Our highly cost-effective approach increases the effectiveness and impact of government investments in education. By 2030, we aspire to reach 1 million students across Nigeria and Africa.