The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Meet Raphael Stephen

Raphael Stephen

Raphael Stephen is a social entrepreneur with over half a decade of experience in Youth Development and Non-Profit Management. He is a youth innovation and youth development specialist and the Founder of the Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation which is an initiative he conceived on how secondary education can be used to educate and develop the leaders we wish we had in Nigeria.

The organization is on a mission to provide access to high-quality leadership and skills-based education to students in secondary schools. Raphael Stephen believes that every child in a secondary school is one caring positive role model away from being a success story. This belief is what led him to adopt an innovative approach where we use secondary education and youths most affected by the leadership crisis in Nigeria to solve the learning crisis and educate and train the next generation of leaders.

Raphael is committed to developing the leaders we wish we had in Nigeria, while also preparing youths to access dignified and fulfilling work after secondary school through the provision of high-quality secondary education and training. The ultimate goal is to educate and train 1 million youths in secondary schools by 2030.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Ibadan and is a highly sought-after development consultant and trainer who founded Educating Leaders Consulting, a thriving enterprise that consults for individuals, schools, organizations, and institutions & governments.

In recognition of Raphael’s work in ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education, he was named a winner of the Talent of the Future award in 2019, as well as a fellow of the 2019 Ashoka ChangemakerXchange program. He was also recognized as a recipient of the 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Young Leaders Award in the Education Category and was recognized as one of the 30 Outstanding Youth Leaders in Oyo state for 2023 by YALI Network Oyo. He was recently recognized as the Education Personality of the Year 2024 by the UCJ, University of Ibadan. Additionally, he has spoken at TEDx events

He currently serves as the Executive Director of the FAME Foundation, one of the leading non-profit organizations transforming lives in Nigeria. In this role, he oversees the organization’s administration, fundraising, strategy implementation, and programme delivery across Nigeria.

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