FSSLC2023 – Anglican, Rochas, and GCI Emerge Winners

Meet Our Incredible Volunteer Toyin

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Adeoye Oluwatoyin FAME, a 600 level student of Veterinary medicine at, University of Ibadan. I am a leader, content writer and blogger. I enjoy reading books and watching movies. I am enthusiastic about self-development.

How did you learn about FAME and why did you join the team?

I learned about FAME from a group of friends I had in Basic Medical Lab Sciences. They were already volunteers in FAME and they left no expense in letting us all know. I joined FAME because not only was I looking for more meaning to life, I wanted to get beyond myself and be part of something bigger than me that affects society positively.

So, what roles do you play in FAME?

I participate in all FAME activities. Also, as a member of the FAME PR team, I keep the public informed about the activities of our organization, promote FAME, FAME programs/products and humans of FAME, brainstorm on publicity ideas and come up with creative ideas to promote our programs and interests of the organization. I strive to remain a relevant team member and help the team become the best performing team.

How has the FAME Journey been?

It’s been a learning curve. A beautiful journey. I never thought I would become seamlessly integrated into this family of unfamiliar faces working together to achieve purpose. Now, I myself, I am FAME.

What impact has FAME had in your life?

How many words can my answer be because I have a ton of things to say? The very core of it is the relationships I’ve made in the house. I’ve met amazing people who cheer me on and encourage me to be my best self. In FAME, from day one, I began to understand my core values, what they were and how they align with that of the organization. I was able to do a personal audit on mine and make appropriate changes. So with the way Fame programs are designed you become better by being present and giving your time and resources. Finally, FAME has taught me leadership and how to communicate it with others. So if you asked who a leader was, my first answer would be Toyin, Me.

Is there any fun fact about you that you would love to share with us?

Yes. I spend a better part of my data watching make-up tutorial videos on YouTube. It’s oddly satisfying. LOL!

Describe your FAME experience so far in two words?

Impact and Growth

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