Ibadan Head Girl Conference

FAME Meets Hon Seyi Adisa

Today, some of our leadership team members led by our phenomenal ED RAPHAEL STEPHEN honoured the invitation of the Honorable member representing Afijio Local Government, Oyo State, Hon. Seyi J. Adisa to explore possible ways of partnering in ‘developing the next generation of leaders in Afijio Local Government Oyo State’.⁣

Our ED Rapahel Stephen with Hon Seyi Adisa

We are glad both parties recognize that nothing can be accomplished in a great way without help.

⁣While engaging our team, the Honourable member representing Afijio Local Government said that he was quite impressed with the impact of our work and would love to partner with us to enhance the development of secondary school students in his constituency.

Hon Seyi Adisa addressing our delegation

During the meeting, our ED, Mr Raphael Stephen commended the great strides of Honourable Seyi Adisa and assured him of FAME’s openness to collaborating with his development team.⁣

Conversations at the meeting table

At the end of the meeting, both parties agreed that this collaboration would take more effort, but it would definitely yield greater results.

We are super excited about this exciting collaboration we put in ignition on this day.

Members of our team and Hon Seyi Adisa Team

⁣We look forward to partnering with the Honorable Seyi Adisa Development Initiative in Afijio Oyo State and helping him accelerate the pace of community transformation and positive youth development at Afijio.

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