FSSLC2023 – Anglican, Rochas, and GCI Emerge Winners

Fame Club Digital Skills Program

Gender inequity is one of the most urgent challenges we face as a society, and for girls to be competitive in the future job market, they must be able to thrive in the future of work as they evolve. This means a change in the skills we teach and intentionality to gender equity in the programmes we develop.

Leader Hawau Fame Club Community Secondary School

At FAME, we are committed to ensuring that every girl has equitable access to technology.

Our Fame Club Program is designed to ensure our girls do not only get access to just leadership education and transferable skills, but they also get access to learning basic digital skills.

Dr Oluwatoyin instructing Leader Aishat at Fame Club QHS

The factors behind the gender digital divide are complex and vary between countries, however, they are often linked to the misconception that girls are less suited to technology – and ICT careers – than boys. These expectations produce a generational ripple effect, as an absence of female role models discourages girls from pursuing studies in ICT.

Leader Ayomide Fame Club CHS

We want girls to grow up believing that they can accomplish anything and that there are no barriers or ceilings to the heights they can climb. We want to remove all of those barriers and ceilings that exist in our society and reach a state of true gender equality.  We have lofty goals and cannot achieve our goals alone.

Ms. Temitayo a 400 Level Psychology Student of the University of Ibadan instructing Leader Bimbo at Fame Club SAG

Find out how you can help. Get involved. Together we will make a difference.

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