The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Fame Club 2021 Phase One Ends

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Following the completion of the first phase of FAME CLUB 2021, the organization reflects on the impact of the program on our beneficiaries. Many of them have not failed to share their ideas of what the program meant to them, what they have learnt and the importance of what they have learnt for their future endeavours.

Like all FAME programs, the FAME CLUB 2021 featured students from different backgrounds who have divergent perspectives about the society and the world they live in. However, at the end of the program, all our beneficiaries agreed on one thing: achieving the SDGs is a necessity for a better world.

Fame Club People’s Girls School

The prospect of phase two was even more exciting because it kicks off the digital skills-learning phase. For some, it was also an emotional moment seeing that they would miss the FAME volunteers posted to their schools.

Furthermore, reflecting on the FAME CLUB 2021, we asked some of our beneficiaries what they have benefited as participants in the program. It was heart-warming to see these students willing to share their experiences, new learning and knowledge with members of our team.

Leader Abigail Fame Club SBHS

This feedback will blow your mind, in every way and give you a first-hand grasp of what our FAME leadership program exists to achieve in these students. Many of them have inspiring things to say about the program:

Esther, one of our beneficiaries discussed extensively what she learnt from the program. According to her, she learnt the importance of determination and perseverance and how to have firm trust in one`s ability to achieve success.  

Thomas Happiness, an SS3 student at St Anne School confessed that she previously did not believe in herself. But after the session, she had developed a strong belief in her ability. She also learnt the importance of hard work and determination. She is now willing to become the best version of herself by working hard and not giving up.

Leader Gladys Fame Club SBHS

Adekunle, Eniola Esther an SS2 student of Onireke High School said she learnt the importance of having personal values. According to her, she now knows what her values are and how to be committed to those values. She also discussed how the facilitators of the program educated them on the danger of peer pressure and how not to give in to peer pressure.

Leader Esther Fame Club OHS

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership – Harvey S. Firestone

Silvia Favour is an SS3 science student at St. Bridgis Secondary School. When asked how the four weeks of FAME CLUB 2021 had impacted her, she had these to say. Favour quipped that “these four weeks have challenged and inspired me so greatly. The case study of Malala, a Pakistan girl fighting for girls to go to school was inspiring. I cannot imagine being in a community where girls cannot go to school. This story inspires me to use my available resources and talent to impact my community especially my singing abilities. I will use it to project positivity and campaign for worthy causes in my environment”.

Gladys Moyinjesu, an SS1 student in the same institution said she learnt that she is a solution herself. She said that the sessions made her realize that it does not take a lot to be a solution and individuals need not rely on the government for everything. We can create the change we want to see. She also went on to share what she learnt from the goal-setting session. She learnt that goal-setting gives her a compass in life so she is not confused. She promises to apply these principles to her everyday life and to share her knowledge with others. 

You have been created so that you might make a difference. You have within you the power to change your world – Andy Andrews

Fame Club Participants Community Secondary School

We are creating a paradigm shift in leadership through these programs and you can choose to partner with us today. Together, we can create a force of change with ripples that break over a wider coastline.  One of our objectives at FAME is to create generations of effective citizens who are not only inspired to lead but who also understand how much greatness they carry within them. You can help us to do more by partnering with us today. Together, we can make the world a better place!

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