The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Fame Encourages Creativity and Innovation

It’s the International day for creativity and innovation!

Although there may exist no universal understanding of creativity, the concept is open to interpretation from artistic expression to problem-solving in the context of economic, social, and sustainable development. Therefore, the United Nations designated 21st April as World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.

The International Day for creativity and innovation is a reminder of the work that still needs to be done in the development of the new generation of leaders in Nigeria. However, it also reminds us of the work that has already been done and the number of children that have benefited from our tireless efforts to raise leaders for the next generation.

Faces of our female beneficiaries at Community Secondary School Ibadan

Today’s celebration is a calm reminder of our vision which is to bring quality education to students in secondary schools. It also draws our mind to the world envisioned, where more young people find their true purpose and identity to take on leadership positions, to be the change they want to see and raise other leaders in their communities.

According to Dr John Maxwell – “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Studies and research have shown that the reason why Africa is underdeveloped, given the vast resources we have is because of the lack of good leaders. As such, in the quest for good leaders, and by extension, development, creativity and innovation
would play a vital role. New ideas are constantly being birthed, and innovation helps determine in what order these ideas would be put to active use.

Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation adopts these two concepts in all her dealings.
We understand three things:

  1. That our leadership system in Nigeria requires an innovative reorientation.
  2. That it is insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
  3. That bad governance is birthed from bad, ill-equipped leaders, bearing in mind that leaders are people first.

We exist to bridge this gap.

Volunteer Ooreoluwa helping our beneficiaries at Fame Club PGGS unleash their creativity

Our mission is to teach leadership skills to secondary schools and this in itself may feel like a tall vague dream, but through innovation, we have successfully implemented an effective leadership curriculum that not only yields results but also improves the lives of our beneficiaries, mentors, volunteers, and school teachers. It all started with an idea.

Our leadership curriculum teaches both boys and girls core leadership skills at such a young age. We understand that girls become women and boys, men, hence, well-equipped boys and girls become well- equipped leaders fit to perpetuate good leadership and transformative change.

Volunteer Blessing Fame Club CHS

Creativity and innovation is an essential part of our curriculum. A leader must amongst all things, be creative and innovative. We teach our beneficiaries that solutions are not rocket science neither must they be straight-jacketed. In the event of a new challenge, a leader must creatively find a way out.

Interestingly, research carried out in Malawi by the McKinsey Global Institute showed that with an innovation like gender parity, women could add as much as $28 trillion to 2025’s annual GDP. Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries, however closing the gender gap in just the agricultural sector would add $100 million to the national economy and lift close to a quarter of a million people out of poverty,

According to a recent World Bank study. (

But closing the gender gap and reaping these transformative benefits requires creativity which strives in the freedom of expression and leads to innovation. One might ask about the connection between creativity, innovation, and the empowerment of women?

Student Hawau participating in our Leadership Program at CHS

Everyone is creative – men and women – but when there’s no room for expression, some people stop being creative and just forget about tapping into their creativeness. At FAME, Girls are raised to be leaders and constantly reminded that they can be whatever they want to be in this world. They are constantly reminded that there is no limit to what they can do, the impact they can have, and the lives they can touch.

This is in a bid to make sure they do not lose their creative nature and live to their fullest potential. Since innovation is not just about having a creative idea but rather about sharing the idea with the world. FAME creates a conducive environment for girls to be fluidly creative and innovative.

It has been shown that when you educate a girl you educate an entire nation. The most challenging barriers that stop most women from reaching their innovative potential includes access to education, finance, and free time.

Innovation is cyclical and at FAME, we believe that the more we teach girls how to be effective leaders, the more innovative women are going to be in the next 10 years. The more innovative women we have in Nigeria, the more women they’re going to raise to be innovative as well. Innovation and creativity empower women and encourage gender equality which allows women to venture into leadership positions, businesses, governments and give them the courage to create the solutions they want to see in their communities.

FAME is at the forefront of raising confidence, creativity, innovation, and bold girls who grow up into being strong women who are innovative and creative. As we celebrate this day of innovation and creativity, we urge you also, to look away from cliché approaches to problem-solving. The world, is hushed and expectant, waiting for your creative innovation. We believe that as leaders in our different walks of life, we can slowly and steadily cause a generational shift with our ideas, so let it all out today! Go out of your way to be creative!

You can help us raise more creative and innovative girls this year by partnering with us today. Together, we can unleash more innovators in our communities!

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