Ibadan Head Girl Conference


Volunteer Temiloluwa on the field with our beneficiaries

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Temiloluwa Jesuferanmi Osobisi, an Engineer who loves a well-balanced plate of white rice, dodo, beans, and peppery vegetable sauce with ponmo and any available form of protein.

How long have you been volunteering with FAME?

Since January 2019.

Volunteer Temiloluwa mentoring a beneficiary to make better choices

Amazing! What made you volunteer and why are you still volunteering?

I realized the importance of using my influence positively and volunteering with FAME opened a window of opportunity to volunteer. With volunteering, the fulfillment is unmatched.

Volunteer Temiloluwa mentoring PGHS Girls

Do you feel like you have been able to use your influence positively through FAME? Can you give an instance?

Definitely! With each and every beneficiary I am privileged to meet, you can tell that through FAME’s style of adding value, I am able to encourage them to make better choices.

How did you feel on your first FAME field assignment?

I saw where I used to be, and was grateful for the opportunity to, connect with the students, and most importantly I felt hope.

Volunteer Temiloluwa helping our beneficiaries organize their class before a session

What has been the most challenging aspect of volunteering with FAME?

Uhmm, it has to be showing up consistently every day, it’s a positive challenge.

Did any part of the FAME Club session impart you? If yes, can you share?

Okay, There are many parts of FAME Club sessions. I feel like it’s even one of the best parts where you can serve with FAME because it is so realistic, you are playing leadership games, etc. It’s not so much of “teaching, teaching, teaching”. The one that stood out for me from the FAME club 2020/2021 is a session I had with Orogun Grammar School. So, we were meant to have a session with them, but they actually reached out and said they want to have an interview instead. So, they had an interview with Executive Director Raphael Stephen, and I was honored to be on the panel. For me, it was how they were able to take initiative. So, we were teaching those students, but they felt they could also organize something of their own accord. They didn’t spend N500 you know, but they found the teachers that would show them support, they got curtains on their blackboard, they got tables and put table covers on it, and it was just that intentionality to be the change they wanted to see for us. So, I feel like that is something that will always seat with me – seeing people that you are literally trying to influence, transformed, and take initiative.

Volunteer Temiloluwa inspiring Olomi Coomunity Students

How has the FAME culture of accountability and responsibility affected your every day life outside FAME?

I am constantly thinking service and excellence, rather than wait, I just go on with it.

How excited are you about phase II of FAME club and what are you looking forward to?

I’m excited, to see young girls learn essential digital skills! The possibilities are endless.

Volunteer Temiloluwa with our beneficiaries at UGS

One lesson you learned from interactions with beneficiaries?

It has to be learning humility.

And last question Capri Sonne before or Capri Sonne in a can?

Capri Sonne before definitely!

The Phase II of our Fame Club mentorship project is digital skills training. Our volunteers are pumped about this and are ready to give their best to it. Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us.

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