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Fame Club Digital Skills Program Kicks Off

On the 11th of May, 2021, Phase Two of the Fame Mentorship Club began. This phase of our mentorship program focuses on digital skills which serve as a solution to the identified digital divide, a leading cause of inequality in career progression and access to certain fields, especially “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Our beneficiaries are being introduced to basic digital skills with a central focus on areas that will boost their competitive advantage in the future of work.

In line with our vision at FAME, which is the central focus of all programs and projects with over 13,000 beneficiaries reached across public secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria. The FAME Club serves as a powerful channel amongst others, to bring this vision to reality by empowering students. It is designed to actualize our commitment towards ensuring every public school student has equitable access to quality leadership education. We teach our beneficiaries that leaders are needed for vision, innovation, problem-solving, organization, administration and more. We also recognize the rapidly evolving global village we live in, therefore the need for digital leadership skills in order to boost their competency.

Faces of some of our female beneficiaries at Queens School Ibadan

Experience of Facilitators So Far

Facilitator Toluwani said, “The sessions have been so full of energy and excitement. The students are so excited and hungry to learn and don’t want each session to end. I’m sure they can’t wait to have us around again next week.

Some of our facilitators instructing our beneficiaries at Urban Day Secondary School Ibadan

Leader Ooreoluwa said, “Honestly, It’s been a great time with them. They are so excited about the training. They learn very fast and don’t even want to let go of the laptops at the end of each session. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program. The sessions have been quite impactful and I am always looking forward to the next one.”

Some of our beneficiaries practicing without guidance at St Brigid’s Secondary School Ibadan

Leader Abolaji said, ”It is always an impactful moment instructing and guiding the students using the various applications and software. Only one of the students in my group was a bit familiar with operating a computer, the look on the faces of other students said, “we want to know too”. I was glad to be able to put them through together with the help of other facilitators available. I am ready to be part of this over and over again”.

Some of our facilitators instructing our beneficiaries at Ansa-ur-deen Secondary School Ibadan

Leader Gift who with so much excitement said, “Beautiful! The students are always so excited at the beginning and super grateful at the end of the session. It’s always an enlightening one, filled with so much energy. Thanks to FAME for the privilege to serve. I look forward to the next session”.

Some of our beneficiaries practicing without guidance at St Anne’s Girls Secondary School Ibadan

The Fame Club digital skills training has commenced in 13 of our beneficiary schools. This program is a rare opportunity to invest in the students from low income families and give them fair access to learning basic digital skills.

This program is exposing the next generation of leaders to digital skills irrespective of their gender. More students from low-income families are getting an equal chance to succeed and beat the system. The FAME Club seeks to achieve this by equipping beneficiaries with practical skills to implement leadership in their daily lives as well as support themselves and their families.

(From left to right) Facilitator Inioluwa, Temitayo and Folajimi at one of our beneficiary schools

You can support us in giving more students from low-income families access to leadership education and digital skills this year by partnering with us today. Together, we can equip more students in public secondary schools with critical skills and help them thrive!

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