Ibadan Head Girl Conference


Volunteer Ooreoluwa on the field with our beneficiaries

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ooreoluwa Omotola Bamiduro Fame, a Geographer and an entrepreneur. I love fried Dodo (plantain) and fried eggs.

How long have you been volunteering with FAME?

Since May 2019.

Amazing! What made you volunteer and why are you still volunteering?

I wanted to do more. I knew I was made for more and mediocrity would not suffice. I just wanted to do more, to add value and to touch lives. I derive joy from volunteering and there are still more candles to be put on; this is why I am still volunteering.

Volunteer Ooreoluwa mentoring PGHS Girls

Do you feel like you have been able to use your influence positively through FAME? Can you give an instance?

Definitely! With each and every beneficiary I am privileged to meet, you can tell that through FAME’s style of adding value, I am able to encourage them to make better choices.

How did you feel on your first FAME field assignment?

To be honest, I was excited and nervous at the same. I was excited because it was an opportunity to share hope and spread light to the beneficiaries. I was nervous because it was my first time and I didn’t want to mess things up.

Volunteer Ooreoluwa instructing Leader Angel of QSI during a Fame Club Digital Skills session

What has been the most challenging aspect of volunteering with FAME?

I think accountability and being a team lead. Accountability because even on days when you don’t feel like it, you still have to give an account of how you served.

Also, being a team lead. I have to constantly communicate, delegate duties, and even call members of my team even when I can feel they are not exactly down for whatever it is I’m doing. Sometimes. It feels like I’m their worst nightmare, lol. But I love them so much, they also do their best.

Both challenges have honestly stretched me and made me better. Accountability has helped me even in other areas of my life and taught me that, even when you don’t feel like it, you have to keep going regardless also being a team lead has taught me that leadership isn’t always rosy and you have to do the work, regardless!

Did any part of the FAME Club session impart you? If yes, can you share?

Yes, every single part of it. I will talk about two scenarios. When we had to play the charades and the students had to guess what the other person was describing. After they guessed and they were right, then we had to tell them that effective communication is very important in our daily lives and especially as leaders. Also, communication isn’t just about talking all the time, sometimes listening and being sensitive. This really spoke to me as well, it’s truly not about you talking all the time, how about you just listen, pay attention to body language and see what others are trying to tell you. To be honest, after that day I started listening more. As leaders, we really should listen more.

Also, the time when we taught them about how they can improve their community and be the change they want to see. It challenged me also, change doesn’t always begin from the top, it starts from me, the little things I do. Those things add up, inspires people around me to also be better and they build up eventually and can change the world. This spoke to me that I should be the change and that the world would join me eventually.

How has the FAME culture of accountability and responsibility affected your everyday life outside FAME?

I am better in all ways. Sometimes even down to my fitness and exercise sessions, I keep accountability partners and sometimes notes so that I can track my progress and hold myself accountable when I slack. FAME has taught me to be responsible and accountable in all areas of my life. I see myself doing things I
normally wouldn’t do and doing them excellently. I love every bit of this growth. Thank you FAME!

How excited are you about phase II of the FAME club and what are you looking forward to?

I am extremely excited. I already partook in a session last week and the joy and hope on the faces of our beneficiaries are second to none. Teaching them digital skills is so inclusive and amazing. This makes me so happy and I am always looking forward to the next session.

Volunteer Ooreluwa with some of our beneficiaries at QSI

One lesson you learned from interactions with beneficiaries?

Hope. It’s honestly how they are very happy and hopeful that things will get better regardless of their current state. How they manage to stay hopeful has humbled me so much.

And last question Capri Sonne before or Capri Sonne in a can?

Capri Sonne before please, who can help? I love when I squeeze out the juice, lol.

FAME Club is really the place to be and being a FAME Club facilitator is a beautiful opportunity to grow and give to others, well-done humans of fame! Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us or Volunteer today!

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