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FAME Facilitates Training of 330 Prefects In Afijio

On the 7th of May, 2021, the Afijio 333 Ilead program commenced in Afijio Local Government Oyo State for a duration of 8 weeks. The iLead program combined values-based leadership development with an opportunity to practice self, and peer-to-peer leadership in the 18 beneficiary schools.

Beneficiaries were introduced to 16 leadership values which allowed them to develop their values and leadership skills.

The program allowed the students to get experience leading as they took turns facilitating the sessions.

Through the implementation of the Ilead Program, the beneficiaries now have a foundation that could set them, and our country, up for meaningful and sustainable success.

The program reached three hundred and thirty students in select schools in Afijio Local Government Oyo State.

We appreciate the Seyi Adisa Development Initiative for collaborating with us to develop the values and leadership skills of the next generation of leaders in the Afijio Community, Oyo State.

About SADI

Seyi Adisa, Development Initiative, aims to teach young people how to become true leaders. They believe leadership is personal and is first about being before doing. They believe there is a gap in leadership training and the youths present the opportunity to create the leadership we want and desire. We must therefore seek to develop our leadership abilities so that the future can start now.

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