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FAME Campus Ambassador Program

The Fame Campus Ambassadors Program is a community of influential growth-minded leaders working together to make a difference.

We give you a peek into the development world during your undergraduate program and help you learn valuable skills that will put you ahead of your peers once you graduate.

The program offers a unique opportunity to students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and across Africa to be part of a community of Changemakers representing the brand on campus. The program is designed to be a learning experience and a highly rewarding pursuit for selected students while providing them with a platform to build their leadership capabilities and creating a pathway for them to take action and create change in the community.

In this role, Ambassadors will develop skills that are valuable in every sector such as leadership, and entrepreneurial skills such as empathy, effective communication, emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem-solving, and the ability to form relationships with various stakeholders. The FAME office is located in Ibadan, and as such, Ambassadors located outside of Oyo State will be expected to work independently for the majority of their Ambassadorship. This is a year-long commitment and as such, interested candidates need to ensure that they can set aside time in their schedules to actively dedicate themselves to this role.

We would be kick-starting this program with the University of Ibadan before opening it up to other universities in Nigeria and Africa.

Applications open on the 9th of August, 2021.

About FAME

The FAME Foundation is a leading non-profit leadership education organization operating in Ibadan, Nigeria. FAME is dedicated to providing access to quality leadership education for students in secondary schools. FAME started operations in Nigeria in the 2nd quarter of 2017, and since then has reached over 13,000 students in over 100 schools in Oyo State, through over 1,500 volunteers. FAME offers FREE leadership education programs tailored to add value to young people between the ages of 13 – 19 in Nigeria. FAME is seeking to reach 1,000,000 young people in Nigeria by the end of the year 2030.

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