The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Fame Global Leadership Program 2021 – 2022 Phase One Ends

The first phase of the highly anticipated leadership development program, Fame Global Leadership Programme 2021-2022, kicked off on the 13th of October across public secondary schools in Oyo State. Has come to an end. The year-long leadership development program for deserving secondary school students in Nigeria. Has been a huge success so far.

60 Students from each of the beneficiary schools were selected to participate in this year’s edition of the Fame Global Leadership Program from each of our institutional partner schools. Following the completion of the first phase of Fame Global Leadership 2021-2022, the organization reflects on the impact of the first phase of the program on our beneficiaries. Many of them have not failed to share their feedback on what the program meant to them, what they have learned, and the importance of what they have learned for their future aspirations.

The Fame Global Leadership 2021-2022 featured students from different backgrounds who have preconceptions and paradigms they battle with. However, at the end of the first phase of the program, all our beneficiaries agreed on one thing: they are all leaders with influence.

Fame Global Leadership Programme Participants at Yejide Girls School, Ibadan, Nigeria

All the participants would transit to the Fame Club Mentorship Project where the leadership development process continues via the acquisition of critical life skills and digital skills for another 12 weeks. At the end of the program, they are tasked to identify, organize and solve a problem in their own community alongside a stipend grant.

Furthermore, reflecting on the FAME Global leadership program 2021, we asked some of our beneficiaries what they have benefited as participants in the program. It was heart-warming to see the participants willing to share their experiences, new learning, and knowledge with members of our monitoring and evaluation team.

This feedback will blow your mind, in every way and give you a first-hand grasp of the new paradigms they have conceived through our FAME Global Leadership program. Quite a lot of them had inspiring things to say about the impact of the program:

Listen to some of the inspiring feedback here.

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