Ibadan Head Girl Conference


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Leader, Oluwademilade Akinsola. I am a 400 Level Law student at the University of Ibadan. I am calm, confident, determined and open-minded. Sometimes, I write. I also love reading novels. I love challenges because they help in bringing out the best in me. I am ambitious and dedicated to whatever I develop an interest in. I love setting smart goals to make sure I achieve what I want.

How did you learn about FAME and why did you join the team?

Oh! My friend used to be a member of FAME and I was always intrigued by her posts on her status. So, that’s where I learnt about FAME. I joined FAME because I love the idea of volunteering. I love the idea of giving back to society and making positive impacts in people’s lives and society at large.

So, what roles do you play in FAME?

I participate in all FAME activities. I belong to the Humans of FAME Team. Basically, I attend to the psychological needs of my teammates.

How has the FAME journey been?

The FAME journey has been exciting, great and quite challenging, actually. I have served on the field. I volunteer online which is quite huge. I have learnt a lot from volunteering with the FAME Foundation, so, I am really grateful to be a member. Also, there are a lot of wonderful people in FAME and so, it has been awesome doing great things with them.

What impact has FAME had in your life?

Most importantly, FAME has given me the opportunity and platform to give back to society, I have not fully maximised this opportunity yet but I really hope to and I will, by God’s grace. FAME taught me that if you are not visible, no one will see you. I have learnt that people are watching, so, keep on pushing. FAME has taught me accountability and submission to authority (team leads in this instance). I have learnt to always give my best and nothing less than the best, that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. FAME has also taught me that consistency is very important.

Is there any fun fact about you that you would love to share with us?

Yes. I love the idea of taking pictures. I love the fact that they create memories and bring back old ones.

Describe your FAME experience so far in two words.

Awesome and Impactful!!

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