FSSLC2023 – Anglican, Rochas, and GCI Emerge Winners


In a world of impact like ours, we love to unmask the heroes behind the outstanding impact that our organization stands for. Through the contributions and relentless efforts of these brave ones, we are making our world better each day. In this week’s edition, we caught up with the beautiful Leader Gift Chika Ifokwe, a volunteer here at FAME. Leader Gift is known largely for her large heart and peaceful demure to all and sundry. She is a Development Practitioner and an SDG advocate amongst other things.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Leader, Gift Chika IFOKWE, a serial volunteer with vast experience in social entrepreneurship, content creation, and leadership. I’m a graduate of Agricultural Economics, and a Master’s Student at the Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV), University of Ibadan. I’m also a Development Practitioner, and SDGs Advocate with a passionate drive to be a change agent in the economic, social, and environmental aspects of life.

How did you learn about FAME and why did you join the team?

Oh! My friend Leader Feranmi was my very first FAME friend and she told me about the FAME application process. So, that’s how I learned about FAME. I joined FAME because I wanted to become a change agent in society.

So, what roles do you play in FAME?

I participate in all FAME activities. I belong to the Humans of FAME Team and the PR Team. Basically, I attend to the psychological needs of my teammates and spread the fame gospel.

How has the FAME journey been?

It has been quite easy for me as I understood the objectives of FAME before filling out the initial membership form and I must say that her standards fit my personality. My Team Leaders are just the best to work with. FAME’s programs are so relevant in achieving her overall vision. The programs are not tasking for me as a Volunteer because I understand and share in the Organisation’s mission and vision and my big WHY for signing up is still very strong. Over the years, the impact on our beneficiaries keeps increasing which is very impressive. The smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries keep me going and I intentionally take the action of recommitting myself to FAME at the end of every year in preparation for the new year. My WHY keeps me going- to be a global voice and change the narrative of what good leadership entails. I have decided to be in FAME for the long term.

What impact has FAME had in your life?

Working with FAME has helped me discover my own purpose through the facilitation programmes and my role in the teams. I have learned Accountability, Taking responsibility, Honesty, Empathy, Selflessness, Effective Communication, and Sustainability. I have been able to understand that I need not hold an office, position, or title before I can become a Leader which was something I learned through FAME. Leadership is about taking responsibility, leading by example, and influencing others to become a better version of themselves.

Thank you Humans of FAME! Thank you FAME!

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