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Training of Trainers Oyo Town

In April, The Fame Foundation expanded the reach of its Leadership and Skills-Based programme, Fame Global Leadership Programme to Oyo Town, in Oyo State.

The Fame Global Leadership Programme is designed to help young people in public secondary schools develop life, leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills. Through the FGLP programme, FAME will be teaching leadership values and life skills for personal success, giving young people a sense of purpose and direction, providing young people with an opportunity to contribute and add value, giving young people in Nigeria an equal opportunity at success, helping them know their rights and responsibilities to the nation and community and also helping young people transition to further education paid employment or entrepreneurship.

With support from the Oyo State Ministry of Education, twenty-seven (27) government secondary schools across two (2) Local Government Areas in Oyo have been signed up to participate in the Programme for the 2021/2022 academic year. They are;

Ads Grammar School 2, Oyo
Ads High School (Anwaru) 1, Oyo
Ladigbolu Grammar School 1, Oyo
Ladigbolu Grammar School 2, Oyo
Community High School, Awumoro, Oyo
Baptist Community High School, Oyo
Ojongbodu Grammar School, Oyo
Army Children Secondary School, Oyo
Abiodun Atiba Memorial Institute, Oyo
Anglican Methodist Secondary School 1, Oyo
Anglican Methodist High School, Oyo
Oba Adeyemi High School, Oyo
Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo
St. Bernadine Senior Girls Grammar School, Oyo
Durbar Grammar School, Oyo
Community High School, Durbar, Oyo
Community High School Ajagba, Oyo
Bode Thomas Memorial Grammar School, Oyo
Community Senior Secondary School, Oke Olola, Oyo
Alaafin Grammar School, Oyo
Alaafin High School, Oyo
Bode Thomas Memorial Grammar School, Oyo
Community Senior Secondary School, Oke Olola, Oyo
Oke Olola High School, Oyo
Oranyan Grammar School 1, Oyo
Oranyan Grammar School 2, Oyo
School Of Science Oyo

Teacher Leaders At The ToT Programme In Oyo Photo: Tolu Adeniyi/The Fame Foundation

Among the series of activities lined up to engage these schools during the 6 weeks period is the Training of Trainers (ToT). The ToT was an intensive residential training (ToT) of 54 Teachers. The training exposed the teachers to FAME’s Leadership and life-skills curriculum.

The ToT is aimed at developing the capacity of the teachers who will be mentoring students in the aforementioned schools and also to widen the participant’s awareness of self-leadership and empathy, and how this translates to leading others.

The sessions were facilitated by FAME Staff. The training left the participants feeling very inspired and confident in taking up their new roles and responsibilities. It challenged the new FGLP teachers to always find the most innovative ways of consciously infusing the learnings from the ToT into their regular teaching engagements. They attested to the fact that the curriculum will give the students a complete experience outside of the FGLP curriculum.

Some of the participants shared their experiences here.

FAME will provide 54 teachers and 1,620 students in 27 Government Secondary Schools in the Oyo West and Oyo East LGA with leadership and life skills learnings through the FGLP Programme.

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