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FAME Facilitates Training of Youth Corpers In Oyo

On the 13th of May, 2022, the Rise Educators Fellowship programme ToT was held in Oyo State for a duration of 2 days. The Rise Educators Fellowship programme is designed to prepare Corps members for productive employment post-NYSC and an opportunity to practice self-leadership and corper-to-student mentorship in the selected beneficiary schools.

Corpers were taking through intensive training in leadership skills, life skills, employability skills, and entrepreneurship skills.

The programme allowed the youth corpers to get work readiness skills for the world of work and activate the changemakers inside of them.

Through the implementation of the Rise Educators Fellowship Program, the youth corpers would be equipped with skills that could set them, and our country, up for meaningful and sustainable success.

The fellowship program would directly impact over a thousand students in selected schools in Oyo State.

The training of trainers programme ended on the 14th of May, 2022.

We appreciate the RISE (Research on Improving Systems on Education), CSEA (Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa) and ASE (Africa School of Economics) for collaborating with us to develop the values and leadership skills of the next generation of leaders in public secondary schools in Oyo State.

About RISE

RISE, is a global research endeavour that aims to understand how education systems in developing countries can overcome the learning crisis. RISE is producing new, rigorous scholarship that bridges research and policy and catalyses education reform to improve learning outcomes for all. 

About CSEA

CSEA, is an independent non-profit research organization borne out of the need to bridge the gap caused by the paucity of rigorous empirical research that affects the quality of policies implemented in African countries.

About ASE

ASE, is a Pan-African graduate university dedicated to producing cutting-edge economic research, public policy, and world-renowned social scientists and economic leaders on the continent.

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