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Now I Feel Like a Successful Teacher

By Leader Oredola, Fame Teacher Leader, Iseyin, Nigeria

Fifteen years ago, I was a secondary school student here in Iseyin, at St. John Catholic Grammar School. In the 2021-2022 school year, I trained as a Teacher Leader and today I’m using the knowledge and skills I learned through the programme in my own school Iseyin District Grammar School.

Back when I was a student I never imagined that I could facilitate a leadership curriculum in a class, guide students through a values and life skills curriculum and help them grow as responsible individuals. Not only have I discovered that I can do it, but I’ve discovered that I’m actually good at it!

Teacher Leader Oredola Adekunle. Photo: Samuel Alabi/The Fame Foundation

Often, when I see my students in FAME Leadership class, I see myself, and this brings back memories of my own school days, the challenges, the achievements and the joy of learning. During my days in secondary school, we enjoyed discipline that time, as our teachers were much disciplined, so they inculcated the art of discipline in us. The Fame Global Leadership programme has given me an opportunity to help my students inculcate these important values too.

I never wanted to be a teacher because my parents were both teachers, and that alone was a discouraging factor, as I grew up seeing that teachers were not valued enough. But my love for teaching influenced me to choose teaching as a career.

The FAME experience has been a superb experience that has given me an opportunity to impact my students and the community. My leadership mindset has been transformed. I was impacted greatly by two topics in the curriculum, “Who is a leader” and “My Identity”. It has helped me start seeing myself and my role in the world differently.

I believe leadership education is very important because if hooligans can have leaders and successors, why shouldn’t we intentionally raise positive leaders who can change the world for the best? A successful man without a successor is a failure, therefore we must invest in the next generation of leaders.

I have been able to impact my students and I have seen positive changes so far. It makes me so proud when they call me a ‘Leader’, I could not even imagine myself working in a school. Now I am a role model and a mentor. As my students are growing in self-awareness, I too am growing in self-confidence and seeing more meaning in my service as a teacher.

Leader Oredola is a volunteer teacher leader of FAME. As a school coordinator, he influences more students from low-income families to discover themselves and raise their aspirations, while gaining invaluable skills to help him build a better future for himself and his community. Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us or join the team today!

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