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My Student’s Minds Has Changed From Negative to Positive

By Leader Oluyemisi, Fame Teacher Leader, Iseyin, Nigeria

Back when I was a student in secondary school I saw leadership as a prestigious position, and I desired to be a prefect right from my JSS1. This made me strive so hard to be a prefect because I felt that was the only way I could be respected. But my desire to become a positional leader began to wane as I kept growing and becoming more self-aware. Instead of chasing a position, I made a decision to focus on what matters and channel my energy into becoming the best version of myself. Luckily, being a facilitator in this programme has helped me see leadership as influence and I have been able to influence my students positively at St Johns Catholic Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Teacher Leader Adedeji Oluyemisi. Photo: Samuel Alabi/The Fame Foundation

When I see the way my stubborn students like Leader Faruq now walk, behave and talk. I am so happy that Fame brought this programme to our school. It has not only helped my students improve their academics but I have also seen positive changes in their lifestyles. Leader Faruq was quite stubborn before I invited him to join the Fame Global Leadership Programme. After joining the programme he is now very responsible. The programme has really influenced his orientation positively.

My students are always so happy whenever we have a Fame Class. They have become more conscious of their identity. They are more confident and courageous. They no more say, “I cannot do this”, rather they now say, “I can do this.”

The FAME experience has been an awesome experience that has given me an opportunity to impact my students and the community. My leadership mindset has been transformed. Beyond teaching Geography, Fame has given me an opportunity to do something I naturally love doing which is inspiring others around me positively.

I have been able to impact my students and I have seen positive changes so far. It makes me so happy when I see them singing the chorus “I am a Leader Oooo.” As I am facilitating the programme, I am learning so much, better understanding them and also learning better ways to engage my students.

Leader Oluyemisi is a volunteer teacher leader of FAME. As a school coordinator, she influences more students from low-income families to discover themselves and raise their aspirations, while gaining invaluable skills to help her build a better future for herself and her community. Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us or join the team today!

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