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It Is Rewarding Seeing My Students Gravitating Towards The Right Path

By Leader Ayorinde, Fame Teacher Leader, Iseyin, Nigeria

Growing up was very interesting because I was privileged to come from a family where both parents were Ph.D. holders. The school was my habitat and my teachers were just very interesting. I was inspired to pick teaching as a career because my parents were Ph.D. holders who were into lecturing. Today, I teach Physics. I chose to teach Physics because of Mr. Alade, my Physics teacher whose mannerisms inspired me. Though teaching in a public school is not easy I do enjoy it.

Teacher Leader Asiru Ayorinde. Photo: Samuel Alabi/The Fame Foundation

My biggest challenge as a teacher has been the attitude of the students. You have students that would rather be anywhere else than in class. The Fame Global Leadership programme has given me an opportunity to help my students at Baptist Secondary Grammar School 1, Iseyin, Nigeria. To go from being negative to positive.

The Fame experience gave me an opportunity to re-orient their minds and ask them questions that made them think about their lives. Beyond just teaching formulas and explaining stuff that they’re not interested in. I was able to show them what life should be like and what was possible for them, through the curriculum. I was able to challenge them to live better. Anytime I look at their faces during our sessions, I am quite fulfilled that they understand what I’m sharing with them. In fact, the session, PURPOSE, should be a subject in school. I could see the light in the eyes of my students when we had that session. It helped them to see what was possible, and the variety of options they had. It also gave them so much clarity on how to get there.

I believe leadership education is very important because any man that cannot lead himself cannot lead his nation and if you cannot lead yourself, what are you going to do with your life?

I have been able to impact my students and I have seen positive changes so far. I mentored 59 students and I know most of them looked irredeemable when the programme commenced. But I am glad the programme has helped them re-evaluate their life and choices. They’re now gravitating towards the right path and I think that’s rewarding.

Leader Ayorinde is a volunteer teacher leader of FAME. As a school coordinator, he influences more students from low-income families to discover themselves and raise their aspirations, while gaining invaluable skills to help him build a better future for himself and his community. Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us or join the team today!

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