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The Orientation Of My Students Has Changed

By Leader Adepoju, Fame Teacher Leader, Iseyin, Nigeria

I had a fantastic and adventurous secondary school experience while growing up. Today, I teach the English Language at Faramora Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria. My love for teaching was born out of my passion for teaching. I attended the College of Education before proceeding to the University for further studies. I was so happy when I got selected to be a teacher mentor at my school in the 2021-2022 School year. The values and mission of FAME drew me to the FAME Global Leadership Programme. And, I just knew I had to seize this opportunity to be an advocate for change in my school and community through the programme.

Teacher Leader Adepoju Q.A Photo: Samuel Alabi/The Fame Foundation

My students are always so excited and hungry to participate in the Fame Class. The Curriculum and the sessions were properly structured. The sessions were so interesting and practical. Which attracted so many students who were not part of the programme. They kept begging me to allow them to join the sessions. We experienced an increase in participants during every session.

The FAME experience has been an awesome experience that has given me a different view of myself. I no more see myself just as an English teacher to my students. I see myself as a leader, mentor and role model now. The orientation of my students about life and education has changed. Most of them are beginning to take their lives more seriously.

I have been able to impact my students and I have seen positive changes in their attitude and character so far. Leadership Education is important for training our leaders, in this case, the younger ones. I hope it can be added to the school curriculum. We need to reorient these students and help more students to see themselves as changemakers. If we want to get it right in Nigeria.

Leader Adepoju is a volunteer teacher leader of FAME. As a school coordinator, he influences more students from low-income families to discover themselves and raise their aspirations, while gaining invaluable skills to help him build a better future for himself and his community. Be a part of this! Visit our website and see how you can partner with us or join the team today!

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