The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Leadership Programme To Help 12,000 Students Learn Skills for The Future

Having established that the FAME approach to skills-based education significantly impacts youth when we deliver it to students ourselves, we devoted our energy to exploring how we might make this experience available to more young people in 2022.

FAME is planning to expand the innovative Global Leadership program in Nigeria, which would be rolled out into more public secondary schools across the country.

Fame Global Leadership Programme was launched by FAME (Fashioned and Made for Excellence) Foundation a community-led organization that has reached over 20,000 youths in nearly 200 secondary schools through this transformational programme.

With more collaborations and partnerships, the Fame Global Leadership programme will be expanded to reach another 12,000 of the most marginalized young people in 2023. There are also encouraging signs that its skill-based curriculum could eventually be integrated into state and national education systems.

We believe that secondary school offers the most cost-effective way for youth to learn leadership values and practice the skills that they will need to thrive in life after school. For over half a decade, we’ve partnered with government institutions to deliver skills-based learning opportunities into State education systems — all in an effort to improve outcomes for young people at scale.

FAME was founded in 2017 by Raphael Stephen and has reached nearly 30,000 youths through its various programmes in under-resourced schools and hard-to-reach communities.

Findings also confirmed that the systems-change approach of youth corpers’ facilitating the FAME curriculum in secondary schools contributed to building the leadership capacity of the students and fostered cooperation and positive citizenship among students while facilitating the process of improving the learning outcomes of students.

The results are an exciting confirmation of our systems-change approach to improving the quality of secondary education in Nigeria and Africa.

FAME works with Communities, Schools, and Governments to build strong, innovative education systems that enhance learning for young people.

Our highly ambitious team is eager to partner with organizations that are focused on ending the global education crisis and unleashing the potential of the next generation to build on the huge potential of the Fame Global Leadership Programme.

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