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FAME Gives Scholarship To 100 Brilliant But Needy Students

Did you know with just a 13 dollars transition exams scholarship you can help a student from a low-income family take the most important step towards fulfilling his/her dream?

Having established FAME programmes Alumni are more likely to enroll in university and select purpose-driven majors, complete higher education studies, and earn higher cumulative grade point averages.

In over half a decade, we have learned that the inability of most students in public secondary schools to afford the fees for their transition exams is a barrier they face today which hinders thousands of students in secondary schools from pursuing higher education after completing secondary education. Our goal is to help clear away some of the obstacles that are standing in the way of achieving their dreams by providing scholarships for their transition exams and higher education.

The FAME Foundation is creating an opportunity for brilliant but needy students who have participated in its transformational Fame Global Leadership Programme to fulfill their dreams and pursue their higher education goals, investing in their education today as well as expanding their options for success tomorrow.

We recognize that this challenge is too big for FAME to tackle alone, and it’s something we know can be accomplished if we all work together. So we invited you in January 2023 to join us in helping us sponsor some students and you responded positively.

Thank you for accepting that we all have a role to play in giving the 100 students the opportunities they deserve. And, together we have made it possible for 100 students to register for the 2023 UTME transition exam.

We are grateful to all of the donors and partners that are making Get One There possible and we are seeking to welcome a diverse coalition of growing sponsors, collaborators, and supporters who will collaborate with us in the 2nd phase of the project to ensure all the successful recipients are empowered with the resources they need to fulfill their potential and support the successful scholars for at least four years of their academic pursuits in any accredited public tertiary institution in Nigeria.

FAME was founded in 2017 by Raphael Stephen and has reached nearly 30,000 youths through its various programmes in under-resourced schools and hard-to-reach communities.

We hope you will join us on our mission to get one of these brilliant but needy students to the place she/he wants to be by the end of the year.

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