The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Ibadan Head Girl Conference

The FAME Foundation has announced its much-anticipated Ibadan Head Girl Conference 2024, a life-on-life impact platform that allows inspiring women leaders to mentor aspiring teenage leaders in secondary schools and help them become better leaders.

FAME recognizes that girls need role models to help them become their best selves. Research has found positive female role models are essential for girls to grow into confident women, especially as they choose college majors and career paths that are needed in today’s world.

The event will be held on March 20th, 2024, in Ibadan, Nigeria. Head Girls in Ibadan will be able to connect with and learn from the most inspiring women leaders LIVE in Ibadan, Nigeria.

This year’s conference is themed ‘Invest In Girls; Impact the Future” and will cover several activities including inspiring talk sessions, breakout sessions, and conversations, led by the head girls and the most inspiring women leaders in Ibadan and Nigeria.

Commenting, Raphael Stephen, Executive Director, of The FAME Foundation said: “In my work in girls’ education and as Executive Director of The FAME Foundation, I’ve seen first-hand the power mentorship can have. Peer role modeling profoundly affects young girls, especially when that role model is an inspiring female. Through this project, we can help better prepare aspiring leaders in secondary schools to tackle their future with confidence and imagination.”

In over half a decade, the FAME Lead Project has impacted 2,074 aspiring leaders directly and 16,680 aspiring leaders indirectly from 41 schools, trained and equipped them with leadership skills allowing them to become better leaders, take on greater leadership opportunities, and influence thousands of leaders positively in their communities.

FAME believes that through deliberate investments in students in secondary schools, we can improve the public secondary education system and contribute to the end of our leadership crisis in our lifetime.

FAME has built a record of accomplishment over half a decade by delivering high-quality leadership programmes to secondary school students across Nigeria and recently hit a major milestone of over 35,000 students reach at the end of the 2023 year.

The 2024 IHG Conference is an exceptional opportunity for you and your organization to demonstrate your leadership in creating a more level playing field for girls and young women and amplify your commitment to gender equity, inclusion, and diversity by partnering with FAME.

To learn more about the Ibadan Head Girl Conference and how you can partner with FAME, please click this link or contact our team If you have any questions or need more information about the conference at

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