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The Fame Global Leadership Campus Ambassadors Program

The Fame Global Leadership Campus Ambassadors Program is a community of influential growth-minded leaders working together to make a difference.

We give you a peek into the development world during your undergraduate program and help you learn valuable skills that will put you ahead of your peers once you graduate.

The program offers a unique opportunity to students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and across Africa to be part of a community of Changemakers representing the brand on campus. The program is designed to be a learning experience and a highly rewarding pursuit for selected students while providing them with a platform to build their leadership capabilities and creating a pathway for them to take action and create change in the community.

In this role, Ambassadors will develop skills that are valuable in every sector such as leadership and entrepreneurial skills such as empathy, effective communication, emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem-solving, and the ability to form relationships with various stakeholders. The FAME office is located in Ibadan, and as such, Ambassadors located outside of Oyo State will be expected to work independently for the majority of their Ambassadorship.

This is a year-long commitment and as such, interested candidates need to ensure that they can set aside time in their schedules to actively dedicate themselves to this role.

We would be kick-starting this program with the University of Ibadan before opening it up to other universities in Nigeria and Africa.

Skills & Competencies

Candidates must be currently registered students at a University in Nigeria. We accept only candidates from undergraduate studies. You must have at least one year left of your degree in order to be eligible for this role. Essential skills required for this role include:

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Smart and well-articulated
• Enthusiasm and ability to take initiative
• Ability to work independently, collaboratively and remotely

Eligibility Requirements Criteria For A Potential Ambassador

• Registered Student of University of Ibadan who is not in the final year of her/his program
• Students who want to be part of something bigger than themselves
• Students who have an abundance mindset
• Students who aspire to be exceptional leaders
• Students who are committed to personal growth
• Students who are hungry and dream of success
• Students who dream of significance
• Students who command a positive aura that people want to be around
• Students who would love to help us raise and mentor young leaders in the communities we work with
• Students who have a social media account and social media presence
• Students who follow @thefamefoundation on all its social media pages

Role Of The Fame Global Leadership Campus Ambassadors

• Represent the FAME Brand on Campus
• Learn about FAME’s work and promote it on campus
• Plan and host leadership events for students on campus to amplify Fame’s Work
• Create innovative campaigns that can provide quality leadership education to underserved students in secondary schools
• Facilitate Fame Global Leadership Program in a public secondary school and mentor young girls and boys in underserved communities
• Recommend FAME and invite friends, families and colleagues to sign up and support our cause
• Identify trends and opportunities that FAME can leverage within the campus community
• Share Fame Contents on your Social Media
• Live out the FAME values on campus, in your community and in the world

What Does A Fame Global Leadership Campus Ambassador Stand To Benefit?

• The gift of growth and exploring new domains for personal growth
• Development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills through service
• Attend Campus Ambassadors training program
• Invitation to free skills workshops and seminars and lots more
• Networking and collaboration with other ambassadors from campuses across Nigeria
• Career advisory, mentorship and interaction with accomplished leaders from every sector
• Recommendation, Nomination and Access to exclusive development programs and opportunities
• Inclusion of FAME Global Leadership Campus Ambassador experience in your resume
• FAME branded merchandise (Based on Performance)
• Recommendation Letters & Certificate of Service (Based on Performance)

How To Apply?

• Follow @thefamefoundation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
• Create a 1-minute video and upload it to your Instagram or Facebook page. Your video should introduce yourself, tell us why you would make a great Fame Global Leadership Campus Ambassador and how you can help make a difference. You will need to provide the link (URL) to your video in the online application form. Upload the video on your social media page with the hashtags #FameCampusAmbassador #FameGlobalLeadershipCampusAmbassador #TheFameFoundation
• Be sure to tag or mention @thefamefoundation in your post
• Candidates with high engagement stand a chance to be fast-tracked into the application process (Not a deciding factor)
• Qualified students are expected to visit this link and complete an online form (this should take no longer than 3 minutes) with required personal data, and answering questions telling us why they should be selected.
• Please note that we will not consider your registration if you have not followed due process.

Application Deadline

• August 27th 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the FAME Campus Ambassador team?

Please send an email to campusambassadors@thefameinitiative.org

When can I apply for the FAME Campus Ambassador programme?

The portal is currently open for prospective Ambassadors to apply.

What does a FAME Campus Ambassador do?

The campus ambassador represents FAME on campus, creates awareness about our cause and also mentors our beneficiaries.

Can applicants from outside Nigeria apply?

The Campus Ambassador program is available only in Nigeria although we plan to roll out in other African countries soon.

Is the programme for selected disciplines?

No. We accept applications across all disciplines. Be sure to communicate your eagerness to make an impact and learn new skills proactively.

How long would I be in the role?

It’s a 1 year program subject to renewal based on performance.

How much time in my schedule do I need to set aside to actively dedicate myself to this role?

1 – 5 hours a week is the barest minimum time the organization expects from its ambassadors, virtually or physically.

Where will I be based?

You will be based within the Ibadan/Oyo Community

When does the Campus Ambassador programme start?

This would be communicated to the selected Ambassadors

How many ambassadors are selected?


If I was unsuccessful the previous year can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again in any subsequent year

What is the next step after selection of ambassadors?

Selected candidates will be notified on the next steps.

Who can apply?

Registered Student of University of Ibadan who is not in the final year of her/his program

Become A Fame Campus Ambassador

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