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Students’ discipline is a matter of great concern to all education stakeholders as it is vital for the smooth and effective running of educational programmes in schools. The existence of policy guidelines to facilitate enhanced discipline in schools does little to reduce indiscipline cases such as absenteeism, sneaking, defiance of authority, stealing, and bullying among other cases often reported in most schools. Disciplinary problems have a negative impact on the realization of national objectives of education.

In Nigeria, many secondary schools are set up to operate with the prefect system. But there is an absence of standardized induction, orientation, and training for the newly elected or selected prefects in most public secondary schools.

The knowledge and training gap is a huge challenge, and newly selected prefects struggle to balance their academics, management and administrative responsibilities.

Individuals selected as prefects should be well-rounded young people; and leaders who can contribute positively to student life and to society as a whole (Gupta, 2018) In spite of these, prefects are not capacitated to discharge their duties (Kirera, 2015). Also, there is very little written on the vital topic of leadership for prefects (Otieno, 2001).

FAME recognizes that prefects play a vital role in ensuring that the operations of the school run smoothly. Through our FAME Global Leadership Programme we have been able to help fill this gap in our partner public secondary schools. But we also understand that the prefects who are mostly selected from their participation in our leadership programmes need additional training in the following areas; for them to effectively discharge their duties: interpersonal skills, management of people, problem-solving, resource management, counselling and motivational skills.

FAME Lead Project is a leadership and management training for newly selected prefects in public secondary schools designed to empower them to effectively execute the leadership duties in their schools.

With over half a decade of experience training prefects in Nigerian public secondary schools, we’ve tested, refined, and continually strengthened this training programme to ensure the maximum impact for prefects.


prefects trained

This number represents all prefects we have trained directly. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


Teachers trained

This number represents all teachers we have trained and have served as facilitators in this project. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.



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School Solutions

FAME works with Schools, and Governments to build strong prefectship systems that enable newly selected prefects to perform well in their roles as positional leaders and as a student.

We properly guide them and give them clarity on their clearly spelt out roles to avoid any conflict and ambiguity which would cause stress and frustrations among them.

A FAME-trained teacher leader facilitates the 4 – 6 hours of training sessions at our partner schools.

Help Us Train 3,000 Public Secondary School Prefects

Prefects are appointed and
immediately start operating before receiving any form of training. Let’s equip them and prepare them to lead effectively.