The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

From our experience working with students in secondary schools for over half a decade, we have learned that most of them struggle with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poor communication skills, poor reading culture, slow-thinking skills, and a lack of exposure to platforms that can enable them to compete with their peers in the bid to foster academic interrelations.

The FAME Secondary School Leadership Competition is aimed at promoting leadership education while fostering healthy academic rivalry among Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria. It engages senior secondary school students across Nigeria, through quizzes, debates, and spelling bees. Mr. Raphael Stephen was curious as to why there were so many STEM competitions and there was no leadership competition that had a combination of public speaking, spelling bee, and quizzes and got the idea of putting together a competition on leadership. That is where it all began in 2023.

The objective of the leadership competition is to give secondary school students a platform where they can learn practical leadership skills, and develop self-confidence, communication, public speaking skills, quick-thinking, and the ability to thrive under pressure.

The competition is very popular with not only its main target group – Senior Secondary School students – but also with parents and, especially, with former students (old boys and girls), who take great pride in the performance of their schools in this competition.

In the first edition 38 schools engaged in exciting nerve-wracking contests in the three categories. To give the competition a truly national character, the competition will evolve to all parts of Nigeria in the future.



This number represents all participants who have attended this competition. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.



This number includes all schools that have benefitted from this project.



This number includes all schools that have won this competition.



Reported that the competition was a powerful motivator that encouraged them to work harder, aim higher, and
strive to be their best.

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Contestants look forward to winning so they can beat their chests and recount how they beat so-and-so school to win the trophy.

FAME believes that through deliberate investments in students in secondary schools, we can improve the public secondary education system and contribute to the end of our leadership and learning crisis in our lifetime.

Since its inception in 2023, only 3 schools have managed to clinch the FSSLC Trophy, making it one of the most prestigious and difficult titles to claim in Nigeria.

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