The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

Students in secondary schools face an increasingly complex world. Teachers are important instruments in education. They are also the pivot on which the educational process hangs. Teachers play a major role in the whims and caprices of the educational system. They can influence the teaching–learning outcomes either positively or negatively because they determine the quality of instructional delivery and also influence quality education when it comes to the implementation of the curriculum and educational policies. They are to be considered when addressing issues such as quality assurance; quality delivery (teaching), quality context, and quality learning outcomes (Onucha, 2002).

In Nigeria, despite huge increases in education spending, students are not achieving the desired learning outcomes. A lack of belief and investment has led to widespread demotivation of teachers and officials. Working conditions are disempowering and they receive a lack of support, poor training, and weak accountability mechanisms. These motivational challenges are hampering education systems from effecting meaningful change.

FAME recognizes that teachers need intrinsic motivation to create the right facilitation environments for our programme participants to flourish and for them to help address the learning crisis. We are committed to deliberately adding value to teachers who get selected to facilitate our leadership programmes by increasing teacher knowledge, motivation, and capacity.

FAME Teacher Leader Project is a training programme for senior secondary school teachers who serve as facilitators at our FAME Global Leadership Programme. We change the behaviors and attitudes of teachers by reigniting intrinsic motivation.

We inspire them to see themselves as changemakers, role models, and leaders. They become more intentional about improving their classroom practice and fall back in love with teaching. They also develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.


TEACHERS trained

This number represents all teachers we have trained directly. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


STUDENTS trained

This number represents secondary school students reached through our teacher leaders. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.



This number includes the combined volunteer hours of our teacher leaders that aided the success of our programmes.



This number includes all schools that have benefitted from this project.

Education System Solutions

Nigeria has the largest population of youth in the world, with a median age of 18.1 years. About 70% of the population are under 30, and 42% are under the age of 15. (Worldometer)

We are committed to investing in the development of teachers to enable us to harness the potential of this youth population who are mostly in public secondary schools.

Teachers go through intensive training where they are exposed to FAME’s Leadership and life-skills curriculum.

Help Us Train 400 Public Secondary School Teachers

In 2022 we trained 175 teachers in Nigeria. Let’s give more teachers intrinsic motivation in 2023.