The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

The Youth Corps Changemaker Project is a community of influential growth-minded leaders working together to make a difference.

We give you a peek into the development world during your service year and help you learn valuable skills that will put you ahead of other corp members once you complete your service year.

The project offers a unique opportunity to corp members all across Nigeria to be part of a community of Changemakers bringing social impact to their host communities. The program is designed to be a learning experience and a highly rewarding pursuit for selected youth corpers while providing them with a platform to build their leadership capabilities and creating a pathway for them to take action and create change in the community.

In this role, Youth Corps Changemakers will develop skills that are valuable in every sector such as leadership and entrepreneurial skills such as empathy, effective communication, persuasion, presentation, emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem-solving, and the ability to form relationships with various stakeholders. The FAME office is located in Ibadan, and as such, corp members located outside of Oyo State will be expected to work independently for the majority of the project.

This is a personal social responsibility and as such, interested candidates need to ensure that they can set aside time in their schedules to actively dedicate themselves to this project.

Skills & Competencies

Candidates must be currently serving youth corps members in a state in Nigeria. We also accept candidates who have just been mobilized. You must have at least six months left of your NYSC programme in order to be eligible for this role. Essential skills required for this role include:

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills
• Excellent networking and time management skills
• Smart and well-articulated
• Enthusiasm and ability to take initiative
• Ability to work independently, collaboratively, and remotely

Eligibility Requirements Criteria For A Potential Changemaker

• Registered Youth Corp member who is not in the 7th month of her/his programme
• Youth Corpers who want to be part of something bigger than themselves
• Youth Corpers who have an abundance mindset
• Youth Corpers who aspire to be exceptional leaders
• Youth Corpers who are committed to personal growth
• Youth Corpers who are hungry and dream of success
• Youth Corpers who dream of significance
• Youth Corpers who command a positive aura that people want to be around
• Youth Corpers who would love to help us raise and mentor young leaders in the communities they serve

Role Of The Youth Corps Changemaker

• Represent FAME in your community
• Learn about FAME’s work and advance it in your community
• Plan and host Fame leadership programmes for your students in your place of primary assignment to amplify Fame’s Work
• Facilitate Fame Global Leadership Programme in your school and mentor young girls and boys in your communities
• Live out the FAME values in your community and in the world

What Does A Youth Corps Changemaker Stand To Benefit?

• The gift of growth and exploring new domains for personal growth
• Development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills through service
• Attend Youth Corps Changemaker training program
• Career advisory, mentorship, and interaction with accomplished leaders from every sector
• Recommendation, Nomination, and Access to exclusive development programs and opportunities
• Inclusion of Youth Corps Changemaker experience in your resume
• Recommendation Letters, Awards & Certificate of Service (Based on Performance)

How To Apply?

• Qualified corps members are expected to visit this link and complete an online form (this should take no longer than 3 minutes) with required personal data, and answer questions telling us why they should be selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Youth Corps Changemaker team?

Please send an email to or Whatsapp message to +2347048283072.

When can I apply for the Youth Corps Changemaker project?

The portal is currently open for prospective corp members to apply.

What does a Youth Corps Changemaker do?

The Youth Corps Changemaker facilitates FAME leadership programmes at their Place of Primary Assignment.

How long would I be a part of this project?

It’s a 6 months – 1 year project.

How much time in my schedule do I need to set aside to actively dedicate myself to this role?

1 – 2 hours a week is the barest minimum time the organization expects from selected changemakers, virtually or physically.

When does the Youth Corps Changemaker project start?

After your training of trainers programme.

How many Changemakers are selected?

The organization determines that.

If I was unsuccessful in my first attempt can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again if you still have 6 months left in your service year.

What is the next step after selection of Changemakers?

Selected candidates will be notified of the next steps.

Who can apply?

A corps member who just got mobilized or still has 6 months before the end of her/his programme.

Become A Youth Corps Changemaker

We need impact-driven youth corp members who are hungry to bring transformation and grow. Join the community now.