The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan




Frequently Asked Questions


Who we are

FAME is a non-profit social enterprise that equips students in secondary schools in Nigeria with leadership values and skills-based learning to succeed at school and in life.

Are there any benefits of being a FAME volunteer?

Our programs will give you access, skills, and opportunities to effectively lead yourself, contribute meaningfully to nation-building, and transform the lives of the next generation of leaders.

You will develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills such as empathy, effective communication, emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem-solving while serving with us. These skills are valuable in any sector.

When does FAME recruit volunteers?

Our application form is always open on the website and can be filled at any time. There is no allocated time for volunteer recruitment; the application process would commence depending on the organization’s needs and the prerogative of the organization’s leadership.

What is the Volunteer application process like?

The volunteer application process is not a difficult one. It involves filling the volunteer form, a brief interview, and following the instructions of the HR Team. Every step is aimed at knowing the applicant a bit better, and figuring how best they can add value to the organization.

I have completed the form. When will FAME get back to me?

Once the form is submitted, the applicants get an email from FAME that the application has been received, it is then collected by the HR Team and put under review. As there is no allotted time for when the recruitment process would commence, there is no specific timeframe for when they would receive the results of their application.

How would I know if my application is successful?

Those whose applications are successful would receive an email from the organization, and instructions on the rest of the process would be included in the email. So it is important that applicants keep an eye on there email inbox/spam folders regularly. It is possible they would miss their acceptance window if they do not see the email on time.

It’s almost a year since I submitted my application and FAME hasn’t sent me any feedback, what can I do?

Kindly make an inquiry via You will receive feedback in 24 hours.

Can an applicant pause his/her application should in case the questions feel overwhelming?

Yes, you can. The form is always open.

How time-consuming is FAME?

2 – 5 hours a week is the barest minimum time the organization expects from its members, virtually or physically.

What does each of the team entail and what is expected of them?

Commitment, Collaboration and Excellence are the greatest requirements. More details would be shared with you if you make it to the onboarding phase.

What if I can’t pay my subscriptions regularly?

The organization expects you to honor your selected subscription choice. If you fail to meet up payment for a six months period and you add no value via your actions as well. Your membership would be terminated.

Who can apply?

Active citizens from ages 16 – 35.

Help more students from low-income families get quality education

Thousands of students have been completely transformed, but millions more are still waiting for their chance to access skills-based learning.