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“I always had this feeling I was made for more but I struggled with finding my purpose until I was opportune to attend the FAME Leadership programme.”

Covenant is an ambitious young leader and FAME Alumni from Nigeria.

“My FAME journey started in 2018 at the FAME Leadership Programme for Secondary Schools in Ibadan. I am someone who loves to question myself, but I was clueless about the answers to most of the questions I had burning in my heart about my reason for existing.

“Thank God! FAME gave me an opportunity to find some of the answers to the burning questions in my heart in, 2018.”

Today, Covenant is both a successful university student and social innovator, crediting his participation in FAME leadership programmes for laying the strong foundation he has continued to build upon in recent years.

Covenant Odedele (1st from the left) at our first Fame Global Leadership Summit programme in 2018
Photo: Michael Stephen/The Fame Foundation

Before coming in contact with FAME in 2018, Covenant said, “I always felt there was more to what leadership was than what I saw in my environment.”

“My transformation process started at the FAME leadership programme where I learned valuable leadership skills for the future like Visioning, Self-Leadership, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Time Management.”

“After the programme it dawned on me that I was a leader and the future really is my own creation, personally, professionally, and relationally.”

Covenant said, “the programme inspired him to raise his aspirations and excel at school.”

Covenant Odedele at the FAME Lead Day Programme for Senior Prefects in 2018
Photo: Ayomide Popoola/The Fame Foundation

Covenant exhibits exceptional character and self-leadership at school after participating in our programme. He gets selected as the Head Boy of his school.

He said, “Then one day I learned about FAME Prefects Training Programme from my school and I was so happy I was going to get another opportunity to learn the mindset and skillset to deliver my new role as the Head Boy of my School.”

He said, “after my exposure to the FAME Lead programne, I came to a realization that leadership is more about influence and accepting responsibility rather than just occupying a position.”

“At the leadership and management training programme for prefects, I remember learning skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, influence, responsibility, and effective communication.”

“The knowledge I got from the FAME Lead programme gave me the confidence to lead my peers and overcome my cluelessness. I was able to lead my team of prefects and the students in my school effectively, thanks to FAME.”

Covenant graduates from secondary school with distinctions in almost every subject. Covenant delays entering the workforce and enrolling in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria to study Medicine and Surgery.

After his impactful tenure as Head Boy of Wesley College, Ibadan, and the completion of his high school education, he said, “I was inspired to do so much more. I did not believe leadership ended after being relieved of my position as the head boy.”

“For me, completing secondary school was everything, because that meant that I was a step closer to what I really wanted to be: a changemaker, making a difference and serving my community”.

“I went online to search for the FAME website and applied to join the team as a volunteer. I was privileged to be selected to serve as a facilitator at the FAME Global Leadership Programme 2021-2022.”

“Now, I am studying Medicine & Surgery at the University of Ibadan. Paying it forward and making a difference in the lives of students in my Alumni.”

Covenant Odedele takes a picture with FGLP participants at his Alumni
Photo: Toluwanimi Adeniyi/The Fame Foundation

FAME programmes are designed to improve the quality of learning and help students in secondary schools get the necessary knowledge and build the leadership skills that are essential for becoming a force for good in the world.

“Immediately, I entered university I recognized a problem amongst most students on campus. Most of them were struggling to network, upscale, and unlock their potential. I decided to create a student-focused online community to tackle this problem called Students of LinkedIn.”

“I help raise awareness and use technology to spotlight students all across the world who are breaking limits to inspire other students to take action that transforms society even while in school. Today the community has over 3,000 students who are doing well academically, leveraging personal development opportunities, and are also very socially responsible.”

“In 2022, I started another initiative called “The Congress” which is a leadership and civic engagement programme that converges youths in Nigerian for conversations and deliberations about the role of individual citizens in the development of the country.”

Covenant Odedele speaking at “The Congress” 2022
Photo: Toluwanimi Adeniyi/The Fame Foundation

“I am ardently passionate about the transformation of the African adolescent. Over the years, I have found immense purpose in every endeavor that tells the story of the teenager the way it should go.”

He said, “This informed my decision to take every step that revolves around equipping teenage millennials in Nigeria, Nigeria by co-building a space for conversations and ideas that drive transformation.”

“FAME made me see problems as opportunities. I became more creative and gained innovative skills. Thank you FAME for helping me emerge as the much-needed change my communities require.”

In 2023, he emerged as the youngest Nigerian winner of the prestigious 2023 Princess Diana Award. He was recognized as one of the 188 emerging young visionaries and leaders from 31 countries across the world.

Covenant won the award for his positive social actions and his work with his social enterprise, “Students on Linkedin” which provides resources on professional networking, employability readiness, and LinkedIn optimization for University students.

Today, Covenant is both a successful University student and social innovator, crediting his participation in FAME programmes for laying the strong foundation he has continued to build upon in recent years.

Looking towards the future, Covenant currently has a high cumulative grade point at the end of his first year at the University, and he wishes to keep harnessing the skills he gained from FAME to focus on more community development and youth transformation.

Covenant is one of the thousands we have impacted through our leadership programmes. Today he serves on the FAME team as the Alumni Coordinator and helps foster meaningful connections and achieve a high level of Alumni satisfaction.

For over half a decade, you’ve helped FAME bring quality leadership and skills-based education and stories like this to so many people around the world.

We want to thank you for your support. Skills-based education is truly changing everything for students from public secondary schools. And for students like Covenant, life has never been more inspiring and full of hope.”

2023 Diana Award Recipient

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