The FAME Foundation Equips 54 Head Girls in Ibadan

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Abadina College, Ibadan
Abadina Grammar School, Ibadan
Anglican Commercial School, Ibadan
Anglican Grammar School, Ibadan
Anasarudeen Oke Ado, Ibadan
Anwar Ul Islam School, Ibadan
Bashorun High School, Ibadan
Bishop Onabanjo, Ibadan
Bishop Philips Academy, Ibadan
Chesire High School, Ibadan
Community Secondary Sango, Ibadan
Community Secondary Adamasignba, Ibadan
Eyinni High School, Ibadan
Government College, Ibadan
Ibadan Boys High School, Ibadan
Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan
Ijokodo High School, Ibadan
Islamic Day School, Ibadan
Mount Olivet, Ibadan
Oba Abass, Ibadan
Oba Akinbiyi, Ibadan
Oba Akinyele Memorial School, Ibadan
Oke Bola Community, Ibadan
Onireke High School, Ibadan
Orogun Grammar School, Ibadan
People’s Girls, Ibadan
Queens School, Ibadan
St Annes School 1, Ibadan
St Annes School 2, Ibadan
St Brigid’s, Ibadan
St Gabriel, Ibadan
St Luke’s College, Ibadan
St Patrick, Ibadan
St Teresa, Ibadan
United Secondary School, Ibadan
Urban Day Jericho, Ibadan
Yejide Girls’ Grammar School
Wesley College, Ibadan
Olomi Olunde, Ibadan
Ikolaba Grammar, Ibadan
Ikolaba High, Ibadan
Loyola College, Ibadan
St Lois, Mokola, Ibadan
Ajibode Grammar School, Ibadan
Ansarudeen Eleyele, Ibadan
Eleyele High School, Ibadan
Eleyele Secondary School, Ibadan
Jericho High School, Ibadan
Aiyegun Community, Ibadan
Molete High School, Ibadan
Islamic High School, Igbeti
Muslim Community School,Igbeti
Umca Ogunbode Memorial Grammar School, Igbeti
Umca Secondary Grammar School, Igbeti
Adeniran Memorial Grammar School, Ogbomosho
Progressive Secondary Grammar School, Shaki
Ads Grammar School 2, Oyo
Ads High School (Anwaru) 1, Oyo
Ladigbolu Grammar School 1, Oyo
Ladigbolu Grammar School 2, Oyo
Community High School, Awumoro, Oyo
Baptist Community High School, Oyo
Ojongbodu Grammar School, Oyo
Army Children Secondary School, Oyo
Abiodun Atiba Memorial Institute, Oyo
Anglican Methodist Secondary School 1, Oyo
Anglican Methodist High School, Oyo
Oba Adeyemi High School, Oyo
Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo
St. Bernadine Senior Girls Grammar School, Oyo
Durbar Grammar School, Oyo
Community High School, Durbar, Oyo
Community High School Ajagba, Oyo
Bode Thomas Memorial Grammar School, Oyo
Community Senior Secondary School, Oke Olola, Oyo
Alaafin Grammar School, Oyo
Alaafin High School, Oyo
Bode Thomas Memorial Grammar School, Oyo
Community Senior Secondary School, Oke Olola, Oyo
Oke Olola High School, Oyo
Oranyan Grammar School 1, Oyo
Orayan Grammar School 2, Oyo
School Of Science Oyo
Muslim High School 1, Iseyin
St. John’s Catholic Grammar School, Iseyin
Ekunle High School 1, Iseyin
Ekunle High School 2, Iseyin
Baptist Secondary Grammar School 1, Iseyin
Baptist Secondary Grammar School 2, Iseyin
Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin
Aseyin High School, Iseyin
Community Grammar School, Iseyin
Anwaru-Ul-Islam Senior High School 1, Iseyin
Anwaru-Ul-Islam Senior High School 2, Iseyin
Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther Memorial High School, Iseyin
Ansarud Deen Grammar School 1, Iseyin
Islamic Girls High School, Iseyin
Faramora Senior Grammar School, Iseyin
Islamic Boys, Iseyin
Akinmoorin Grammar School, Afijio
Awe High School, Afijio
Baptist Secondary School, Ilora
Community Secondary School, Onifa
Community Secondary School, Oke Apo
Community Secondary School, Ilu Aje
Fiditi Grammar School
Community Secondary School, Fiditi
Ilora Baptist Grammar School 1
Ilora Baptist Grammar School2
Ilora Community Commercial High School
Imini Grammar School
Methodist Secondary School, Iware
Methodist Secondary School, Fiditi
St. Joseph Secondary School, Awe
Community Secondary School, Jobele
Oladokun Grammar School, Awe
Best Legacy, Awe

Ataoja School Of Science, Osogbo
Ifeoluwa Grammar School, Osogbo
Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo
Baptist Girls High School, Osogbo
Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Ataba, Rivers State.

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