FSSLC2023 – Anglican, Rochas, and GCI Emerge Winners



Founder’s Profile

Raphael Stephen

Founder of Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation

Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation founder Mr Raphael Stephen is an award-winning social entrepreneur, passionate about equipping the next generation and helping them become leaders in their schools, their careers and changemakers in their communities.

As a highly sought after development consultant, public speaker and youth mentor, well known for increasing academic results and assertiveness of the young people, he works with. He teaches leadership values and speaks at schools, universities, business, and development programs.

He has trained thousands of leaders in partnership with nationally renowned schools and organizations for over half a decade and he connects with teenagers and youths in a way that resonates.

Mr Raphael believes, by cultivating leadership abilities in the next generation and helping them get their values right, we will become more productive people in Africa.

Under Raphael’s leadership, FAME has grown to become one of the largest youth skills provider in West Africa, meaningfully impacting nearly 30,000 youth across Nigeria. With a team of over 20 staff and 200 youth mentors.

Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation can be the catalyst for the development of the next generation of leaders that will truly transform Africa and change the world.

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