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The FAME Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise that equips students in secondary schools in Nigeria with leadership values and skills-based learning to succeed at school and in life.

We tackle the quality of learning crisis by partnering with youth, schools, and governments to design and deliver education solutions that equip young people in Nigeria with the values and skills to lead themselves, overcome gender inequities, succeed in school, create change in their communities, and succeed in life.

FAME believes that addressing one of the root causes of our problems in Africa which is the absence of well-educated and skilled leaders, which leaves the majority of young people, many in minority and marginalized groups, unemployed.

Through the inclusion of an additional leadership and skills-based subject in secondary education, we can deliberately equip the next generation of youth with positive values and skills for the future to positively impact Africa’s economic growth and development.

Our flagship programmes are Fame Global Leadership, Fame Lead, and our Mentoring Support Services.

Our goal is to reach one million students by 2030 with skills-based education and promote positive youth engagement which impacts youth life outcomes sustainably and at scale. Since 2017, we have partnered with the ministries of education of Oyo, Osun, and Jigawa in Nigeria, and have measurably impacted over 35,000 students spread across 195 schools while reaching 70,000 students more broadly, making us one of the biggest youth skills providers in Nigeria.

Our Alumni change their lives and their communities, such as Covenant who opened a tech-driven education platform called Students on Linkedin which reaches thousands of undergraduate students monthly.

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Thousands of students have been completely transformed, but millions more are still waiting for their chance to access leadership and skills-based education. We are uniquely positioned to reach thousands of students yearly. Our highly cost-effective approach increases the effectiveness and impact of government investments in education. By 2030, we aspire to reach 1 million students across Nigeria and Africa.