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Did You Know?

Africa’s greatest need right now is leadership and a well-educated skilled workforce. Millions of students in secondary schools lack access to quality learning. With over 60% of the population under the age of 25, young people are a vital force that would shape the future of the continent. With the growth rate at 3.2% annually and an estimation of 400 million Nigerians by 2050. It is essential for youths in secondary schools to learn leadership values and acquire the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly demanding and uncertain job world and become the leaders we wish we had. Without urgent ambitious action, this quality of learning crisis will become a generational catastrophe.

The Problem

With over half a decade of experience, we have identified five areas in which Nigeria and the African Continent, suffer and which we try to tackle through our work;

1. Identity and Quality of Learning Crisis
Students in secondary schools struggle with an identity crisis. While enrollment in secondary education has significantly increased, being in school isn’t the same thing as learning what they need to thrive in an increasingly demanding and uncertain job world.

2. Cultural Approach to Leadership
Leadership is mostly seen as occupying a position.

3. Mass Ignorance of the Citizens
Most citizens can’t recognize or distinguish between bad, good, better, and the best leaders.

4. Absence of Leadership Education in the Secondary School Curriculum
There is an absence of mass education on leadership and skills-based learning. Most secondary school students go through secondary school without ever learning or experiencing any form of leadership education or skills training. These factors lead to a dearth of leadership and significant unfulfilled impact potential amongst youth and in society as a whole.

5. Absence of Passionate, and Well-Motivated Quality Teachers
There is quite a large number of teachers who feel disengaged from a profession that once so inspired them due to the lack of recognition of their existing efforts and opportunities to learn innovative techniques to inspire and educate their students. The absence of quality teachers further exacerbates the continent’s learning crisis.

Our Solution

School Solutions

Leadership development and skills training implemented directly in schools

Youth Engagement Solutions

Positive youth engagement, activation, and work readiness skills for the world of work through community service

Education System Solutions

Partnership with governments to support the integration of evidenced-based values and skills education into state and national education systems

What Makes FAME Different

FAME reaches a large number of students every year at a low cost by delivering our model using existing school infrastructures and engaging passionate youths and teachers as facilitators. We leverage technology to cost-effectively train, manage, and monitor our programmes. We have mastered how to create impact while keeping costs remarkably low.

Our model is designed to scale: built on best scaling practices and continual self-evaluation. We are now one of the largest youth skills providers in Nigeria. FAME’s long-term vision is to integrate core components of our curriculum into the State and National curricula which will measurably impact millions of students across Nigeria.

We prioritize the delivery of our programmes and the transformation of our participants. Our Board, Members, and volunteers support our operating costs so 80% of your gift can fund leadership education. It’s not always easy, but it’s an approach we believe in deeply.


We recognize that Leadership and Skills-Based Learning are as essential to a youth’s success as literacy.

We aim for 5 main outcomes for our beneficiaries;

• They are more conscious of their influence and the leaders within them, greet their peers with positivity and respect, take responsibility, and are able to recognize good leadership when they see one

• They have increased leadership skills, soft and technical skills, emotional stability, healthy personal identity, assertiveness, improved positive behavior, improved academic performance, and improved workforce readiness

• They exhibit compassion, creativity, and critical thinking, able to solve problems and communicate solutions effectively

• They are more tolerant, see themselves as drivers of change, become changemakers and active citizens

• They pay it forward by volunteering, starting initiatives, positively influencing and raising more young leaders in their communities

FAME Transformation Approach


We first connect with them and get to know them through fun questions


We assess their current state of knowledge with a mindset pulse check


Engage them in an open conversation about the theme and discover gaps in their knowledge


Help them unlearn the wrong information and learn the right information


Fill the gaps in their knowledge and skillset


Empower and encourage them to start to influence others through peer to peer interaction


Set high expectations for them and dare them to rise to meet them


Give them opportunities to identify problems and shoulder responsibility for creating solutions


Let them lead


Provide continuous support and let the process continue

Access To Quality Education Changed The Life Of Covenant

Covenant learned about what leadership really is and the importance of taking personal responsibility through our transformational leadership program five years ago. Three years later he went back to his alma mater to facilitate our leadership programme. Now more students have recognized they have opportunities to lead and succeed, starting with leading themselves.

FAME’s strategic priorities are focused on access to skills-based education, youth development, teacher development, gender equity, and workforce development.

FAME’s in-school model was launched in 50 schools in 2019 in Ibadan, and since then, we have worked to build an innovative, sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective solution. In 2021-2022, we piloted our in-school model in Oyo, Iseyin, Igbeti, Osogbo, and Jigawa State, Nigeria, and scaled to over 100 schools in Nigeria to reach 12,000 youth directly and 24,000 youth more broadly. In 2023, we also continued to quality test our in-school model through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, confirming that we can drive costs down and make adjustments where necessary to ensure that youth continue to receive the most impactful, cost-effective intervention possible.

We’ve measurably impacted over 35,000 youth to date. Our ultimate goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of the state and national education systems.


Schools Served

This number represents all schools we have served via our work. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


STUDENTS trained

This number represents all students that have benefitted directly. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.



This number represents all communities we have reached via the location of our beneficiary schools. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.



This number includes all training resources and products we have created for secondary schools.



This number includes the average number of years of experience in implementing effective, sustainable leadership programmes in our focus areas.



This number includes all the funds raised by our volunteers in over half a decade that have funded our programmes.



Youths who have volunteered for our programmes and people who have served with our organization to date.



Combined volunteer hours.



This number includes all playbooks funded by our donors & partners.



This number represents all students that have been impacted broadly. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


MAY 2017

We kicked of Fashioned and Made for Excellence Foundation with 10 members.

JUNE 2017

Launched the FAME Global Leadership Programme (FGLP) for students in secondary schools.


Established FAME CLUB to provide life skills, vocational training and Digital Skills training for our Fame Global Leadership programme beneficiaries.


Reached 1,877 students by December 2017.

Ended the year 2017 with 100 members.


Sustained our FAME Global Leadership Programme, and reached an additional 4,000 students.

Marked our 1st Anniversary with our 1st ever FAME Conference converging over 500 beneficiaries and teachers from all our impacted schools.


Launched the FAME Lead Day Program (FLDP) for prefects in secondary schools in collaboration with American Corner Ibadan.

6 Life Skill sessions on Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Communication.

Impacted over 70 senior prefects and 15 teachers from 20 beneficiary schools.


Launched the FAME Touch Point Mentorship Program (FTP) for aspiring changemakers in partnership with American Corner Ibadan.

Successfully hosted 4 editions and successfully mentored 400 youths.


Supported by Ideation Hub Africa.

Increase in membership from 100 team members to 200 members.

January – February 2019

Welcomed three new FAME board members in January 2019.

Formal incorporation of FAME Board.

May 2019

Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary.

Welcomed 150 new team members on board.

April – JULY 2019

Trained 120 Changemakers

Trained 2,260 students on leadership and educated them about the SDGs.

Scaled the impact of our work to 28 additional schools in 5 local government areas in Ibadan, Nigeria.

January – May 2020

Sustained our FAME Club Program.

Mentored 300 of our beneficiaries in 9 beneficiary schools from low-income families in Ibadan, for 4 weeks before the pandemic outbreak.

Trained 60 senior prefects from two underserved schools.

Celebrated our 3rd Year Anniversary.

September – December 2020

Trained a 150 Changemakers.

Trained 2,590 students from low-income families across 42 public secondary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria for 6 weeks.

Trained 40 senior prefects from various secondary schools in south-west Nigeria in collaboration with JCI Ibadan.

January – March 2021

Welcomed thirty-three new team members in January 2021

Engaged 42 of our existing institutional partners in low-income communities in Ibadan

Renewed our partnership with 42 of our existing institutional partners in low-income communities in Ibadan

Sustained our FAME Club Program

Mentored 480 of our beneficiaries in 12 beneficiary schools from low-income families in Ibadan, for 5 weeks

April – June 2021

Sealed a new partnership with the Seyi Adisa Development Initiative which enabled us to expand the impact of our work to Oyo State

Commenced our Fame Club Digital Skills Program in 13 of our existing institutional partners in low-income communities in Ibadan

Commenced our collaboration program themed “Afijio 333” which focused on transforming the lives of 333 prefects from 18 Secondary schools for 8 weeks in Afijio Community, Oyo State

Moved to a bigger office space and hired more staffs

Celebrated our 4th Year Anniversary

Completed the Fame Club Digital Skills Program in 13 of our existing institutional partners in low-income communities in Ibadan. 500 students were impacted

Completed the “Afijio 333” project which transformed the lives of 333 prefects from 18 Secondary schools for 8 weeks in Afijio Community, Oyo State

Trained 75 prefects at our Fame Lead Program

July – December 2021

Launched our Fame Campus Ambassadors Programme

Partnered with Leap Africa to Clean the Bodija Market, Ibadan in commemoration of International Youth Day.

Trained 200 Changemakers

Sustained our FAME Global Leadership Programme.

Trained 6,000 students from low-income families across 100 public secondary schools in Oyo State, Nigeria for 6 weeks.

January – March 2022

Welcomed 130 new team members in January 2022

Launched our Youth Corps Changemaker Programme

Sustained our Fame Club Project

April – June 2022

Launched our FGLP Programme in more schools in Oyo and Iseyin

Partnered with RISE, CSEA and African School of Economics to run the FAME Global Leadership Programme in secondary schools in Oyo and Jigawa

Expanded our FAME Global Leadership Programme to Osun State

July – September 2022

Expanded our FAME Global Leadership Programme to Ogbomosho, Oyo State

January 2023

Launched our FAME Get One There Scholarship Project

Paid the transition exam fees for 100 brilliant but needy students


May 2023

Held the first edition of the FAME Secondary Schools Leadership Competition project

Hosted 38 secondary schools at the preliminaries of the competition

Hosted 15 secondary schools at the grand finale of the competition

3 Winners emerged in the Quiz, Debate and Spelling Bee category

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