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While Nigeria’s enrollment figures in secondary education have been increasing, the quality of learning remains extremely low.

As of the 2018/2019 school year, Nigeria had over 5.2 million students enrolled in senior secondary education in the country. (Statista Report).

9 out of 10 students in Public Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria share these same narratives and challenges on a daily basis.

“I do not see myself as a leader or someone who has influence.”

“The Class Captain, Principal, Governor etc. are leaders, I am not a leader.”

“Men make better leaders than women.”

“I feel I don’t know who I am or my purpose in life and I can’t ask my teachers these questions because I am not sure my teachers even know who they are or their purpose.”

“I don’t feel I have the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to further education or the workforce.”

Their reality reflects a broken education system that makes it difficult for students in secondary schools to receive value-based and skill-based education, consequently making it impossible for them to fully realize their potential.

“I feel so angry every time and I experience quite a lot of different emotions at home and in the classroom, I really don’t know how to manage them.”

“I see no reason to aim high and why engaging in cybercrime is wrong, I don’t know how long I can stay in school, because my parents need me to bring home money and the people I will be defrauding also defrauded us during the colonial era.”

“When I enter into politics I will steal just like those before we have stolen, and enrich my family.”

“My siblings went to the university, but have no jobs, so I will rather become an apprentice and not pursue my dreams.”

Secondary education is the highest educational level attained by almost 60% of unemployed youth.

The failure of the government to revamp the education curriculum in public secondary schools to include leadership, socio-emotional, digital literacy, financial literacy, and skills-based learning has prevented talented youths from learning to take personal responsibility, achieving their full potential, and our society, missing out on the unique perspectives, skills, and talents that our youths possess.

Leadership Education changes everything.

Mindset Reorientation

95% of secondary school students are teenagers under 18 years old who don’t see themselves as leaders or people with influence. Access to quality leadership education and skills training can reduce risky behaviour. Encourage pro-social attitudes and transform thousands of lives every year in our secondary schools.


Leadership education helps students take responsibility for their future and keeps students in school, especially girls. Our training sessions encourage them to aim high and reach their potential. They experience a significant boost in their confidence, experience improvement in their academics and complete their secondary school education. They enrol for and complete higher education studies, and earn higher cumulative grade point averages.

Improved Value System

When a student gets access to quality leadership education, they have a better understanding of their identity, purpose and values. It changes the life of the student, and the student now has greater clarity of her/his values and purpose.

Active Citizens

Students get a better understanding of their office as citizens and the SDGs, and which of the goals they want to take action on. It helps them recognize they have opportunities to lead and be the change, starting with leading themselves. They register to vote, do not sell their votes and vote based on their new-found values during elections.

Strong Foundation

Students are provided with a strong foundation of soft and transferable skills that ultimately allow youth to sustain momentum and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It equips these young people with the skills and tools to solve problems and build the futures they envision.

Gender Equity

It helps girls and boys engage together with a curriculum that challenges gender preconceptions around leadership. It gives them all the tools to succeed and improves education for everyone. Not just a particular gender.

Access To Quality Education Changed The Life Of Covenant

Covenant learned about what leadership really is and the importance of taking personal responsibility through our transformational leadership program five years ago. Three years later he went back to his alma mater to facilitate our leadership programme. Now more students have recognized they have opportunities to lead and succeed, starting with leading themselves.

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Thousands of students have been completely transformed, but millions more are still waiting for their chance to access leadership and skills-based education. We are uniquely positioned to reach thousands of students yearly. Our highly cost-effective approach increases the effectiveness and impact of government investments in education. By 2030, we aspire to reach 1 million students across Nigeria and Africa.